Chrome Shelled Regios 1-10


Chrome Shelled Regios is a fun little action show that should entertain. There is no deep understanding or great big secret; it’s just a nice way to waste time. The comedy is there and there is this amazing engrish part that does not make sense.

This show’s plot and humor are fairly predictable:  a girl falls for the main character and is too shy to say anything–with the usual results. There is a girl named Felli that is so unemotive, she’s perfect for a maid café–with the usual results. There is a slight harem theme–with the usual results…

If you want to just watch some dude who is head and shoulders above everyone else succeed, then this show is good for you. Layfon is laughably strong, which makes it hard to build any tension in the story. There can be no real tension because he just kicks it in the face. There are also the usual comedic scenes when some tiny girl hits him, but it’s nothing special or big.

This show will not win anyone over on being novel, though the setting is a little out of the ordinary. There are cities moving through the ruins, fitting in with other cities, with filth monsters that attack the cities. This is what highlights Layfon popping up and beating monsters into nothing.

The most confusing parts of the show are the Engrish scenes. It is like someone took a bad movie and spliced it into the show. They are clearly Japanese people speaking English as a second language, and it is painfully awkward. They make no sense and I cannot figure out why they are connected to the show at all. They are fun to watch in seeing how bad they are.

Skip this show if you are looking for something really good or novel. If you are only looking for something generic and somewhat bland, then watch it.

Author: matt

2 thoughts on “Chrome Shelled Regios 1-10

  1. Will Chrome Shelled Regios spawn a slew of anime with hilariously bad Engrish scenes?  Revy’s “American Engrish” in the Japan arc of Black Lagoon also comes to mind, and I’m sure that there is even more Engrish out there.

  2. I like Fayton’s supahpowerz and his personality: “I’ll do anything to survive”. Right you are mate.

    Good anime is good 9/10

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