Chihayafuru 2 Episode 22: Long Last We Meet


Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

Coco’s infinite fashion wisdom in those words defined and continues to shape my wardrobe choices. Two weeks ago, as some of you know, Mike was invited to speak at the launch of Lacoste’s Tezuka collection. I can only hope that Chihayafuru will grow to a level of popularity that induces Chanel or a haute couture house to establish a Snowmaru or Bear collection.

While I am still pondering Lacoste’s decision to inject anime into fashion, I find the reverse far more interesting. Because this week’s episode was rather slow given that something impossible did not happen, I will let the reader suffer through some anime outfits that left an impression on me.

KiraI had always been jealous of Kira Yamato’s daily wear from Gundam Seed. The cut of his jacket is simply devine. The cropped hem that frames the midriff is something typically observed in womenswear so it was very refreshing to see. Add the punk and bondage accoutrements and Gareth Pugh quickly springs to mind and that is always a good thing.


PrissThere’s just something about leather. Especially from head to toe like the way Priss Asagiri rocks it in Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. Corset, jacket, pants and boots. Her choice to encase herself in the tough material certainly speaks directly to her fierce personality. The contrast of the red jacket works very well.


Strike WitchesBefore I am labeled a leather fetishist, let us turn to the overwhelmingly popular fashion icon of Japan: pantsu. This is particularly well done in Strike Witches. (Don’t laugh.) Fashion can achieve many things, personally, it’s best when it serves as titillation. The just barely there shirts of these lovely witches arrest me every time. The teasing glimpses of the beauty beneath remain timeless. Indeed, there’s arguably nothing sexier than a lover in just a buttoned down dress shirt and panties. If it wasn’t enough, the juxtaposition of the pompous top against the… well, nothing really, creates a winning combination.

Mommy BearFinally, there’s the exceedingly rare Mammy Bear tanktop. Ok, there’s actually nothing to see here, just including this because it’s relevant to the show at hand.

What anime fashion stayed with you?

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3 thoughts on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 22: Long Last We Meet

  1. Pantsu! And leather too?

    To me, Sukumizu and gym clothes with girl’s handwriting name tags, and also traditionally, yukata. Recently, Yuigahama’s yukata is very memorable. I hope to see Chii-chan from Hataraku Mao-sama in yukata also. That would be awesome. Girl in yukata is just so divine.

    1. Yukata is interesting. Its appearance doesn’t do much for me but the act of putting it on and removing it grabs my attention.

  2. Enma Ai’s kimonos has stayed in my mind a long time after I watched the series. Same as for One Piece’s outfits in movie 10 or 11. The list goes on. Clothing has always been an acessory for what leads trends, so a person would notice something more if the series is more personally liked by them.

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