Canaan 010 – Great Evil

Do the eyes of valley hear and smell evil as well as see it?

What happens when evil wins the day and uses your justice and righteous vengeance against you?

How cruel! I say, how cruel!

Haven’t been struck hard by a scene in anime for a long time, since that scene in Gundam Seed and that scene in Gunslinger Girl.

The gang heads into the worst possible hell, which, incidentally, shapes like a witch’s lair. It is simultaneously a trap set up by Liang and a trial by hell fire made possible by the temptation of the devil herself. Manipulated by the Devil, the lover kills her love , and as her love asks for more words of love in his dying moment but her words of love only shatters his mind further.

Unable to speak the words before, she is asked to say them now, but when she speaks them, the sound of her soft whisper only accelerated his destruction.

Liang totally sent a shiver up my spine and that scene made me cringe. In all my anime-watching history, I only cringed twice: when I saw the death of Angelica’s handler and when I saw Athron’s teammate’s head gets cut off by Kira. God damn, even though I didn’t get to see anything like that this time, it was still intense.

Congratulations, Rierie, you successfully made Liang the scariest Fury from hell. I hope you apologized profusely to Hakko in your dreams. The emotional torture was so intense that I had to look away for a second. It definitely wasn’t the blood that did it because there was very little.

But no, Liang isn’t done.

Additional Notes:

Mamiko did such an excellent job here that the entire episode became so heart-wrenching that I couldn’t watch anything else for the rest of the night. Damn, I didn’t expect this show to be this good!

What Hakko wants is to save people. It’s so cruel that her voice, perhaps not unlike the Mermaid’s voice, sounds so compassionate and so brave at her should-have-been moment of triumph. That is the only time she feels that she has to attack in order to save and to protect, but what happens is simply devastating.

Author: Ray

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