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Are you a fan of Park Romi’s sexy and magnetic voice? Then this one is for you!

Tired of loli voices that don’t exemplify real women?

Desiring to hear the voice of a real woman that sounds like she’s rock your world?

Want more from the movie version?

Then this one is for you.

I’ll admit, the futuristic visuals is attractive. And hearing the voice of a real woman is really an encouraging factor.

But perhaps because I’ve been watching the Chinese fansub version with RMVB with 99mb for size, I can’t say I’ve greatly impressed.

The first person narrative with Romi’s voice really helps to kick this one up a few notches, however, I couldn’t help but yawned during the speech that the King gave. I mean the entire show didn’t really thrill me as much as it promised.

“A sexy, action-packed thriller with a real woman with struggles in her heart about taking sides and loyalties, Japanese-style…be sure to catch your eye and your breath!”

I can just picture what the DVD’s cover going to say. However, being me, I demand something more stimulating than a few still shots before she finishes her foes. I hate to say it but even Mnemosyne is more thrilling than this one.

However, it’s only episode 2 and I’m not going to give it a total miss just yet. After all, a real womanly voice is behind Code 44, and not some silly loli stuff with huge breasts and dumb humors.

Not that I hate that. But this is an almost completely refreshing change.

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