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Aoi Hana – The Beautiful World of Yuri

I felt a sense of utter beauty and it stirred up a great deal of sensitiveness within me, like the ripple caused by a stone thrown in the lake as I savored each episode.

It is perhaps some kind of primal urge to see women together being more than friends and beyond; it is probably something more like an Otaku urge to see cute school girls being together as more than friends; it is a strange sense of conservativeness or something of a prudishness (pardon the absolute inability to come up with the right descriptive words) to not want to see these girls having sexual activities on screen.

As odd as it seems, there’s a sense of purity and virginal grace to their little thoughts, feelings and acts concerning one another; being in love, being out of love; sad, happy, joyful, coming out, and getting support of childhood friends. It is a sense of cleanliness of not going over the line into depictions of fan service or god-forbid, hentai.

Even having balls full of juice and a long and thick tool, sometimes I do prefer watching girls love. As a tangent, oddly, I haven’t seen one episode of Marimite in any of its 4 seasons. I do prefer something kinkier like Candy Boy (with absolutely no boys whatsoever) or something that teases me by stroking and teasing the line, like Strawberry Panic. A proper, classic, traditional girl’s talk and daily life anime simply bores me, and I think Marimite is probably closer to the proper classic.

Fumi is a crybaby and I’m sure most people hate her for that, but for me, a quiet, sensitive girl that cries silently doesn’t annoy me one bit. What I’m waiting is when she finally gets together with Akira. Will they? I hope so. I doubt I will read the manga itself because the art style is too shojo-esque for me.

It heals me emotionally to see women peacefully cohabiting together. But yes, sexually, I’d totally go with Queen’s Blade.

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