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Aoi Hana 07 – Alas, even in girls’ world…

It is rather strange why I watch girls’ love anime;  it’s for emotional healing. It’s funny, but there’s something almost pure and true when two girls are in love. Of course this is not reality, just like real life gays don’t act like BL characters.

I laughed at myself after watching this episode. I realized this: it’s tough when one’s in love; even if one is lesbian.

Sugimoto is just another spoiled teenage princess (?) and she has troubles forgetting her past love – a man. At the same time, Manjome (I swear it was Banjome in the previous episodes) has trouble forgiving about Sugimoto’s past love.

It’s a night of storm at the Sugimoto property and the drama shall continue.

Sugimoto’s colorful sisters really appear to be perfectly clean and easy going folks, until after Sugimoto has given her confession.

It appears she has done this before. I’m worried, however, because a spoiled princess (prince) does not a good lover make.

I knew women’s world was hard. Perhaps it is  harder when a woman is a lebian/bisexual and has three sisters and a critical mom.

I just hope Fumi will be rewarded for having a girl’s pure heart. Oh please, god.


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