Anime Diet – Ray Reports 1 (formerly Tsundere Banana)

And it’s now Anime Diet Corner – Ray Reports. But yes, it will be Vidcast from this point on.


Anime Diet Corner – Ray Reports from Ray Hu on Vimeo. (The audio podcast version is just the first 10 minutes. Come to the website for the full video!)

The K-On!! Pics that I mentioned:

2 thoughts on “Anime Diet – Ray Reports 1 (formerly Tsundere Banana)

  1. Damn man! That can was bigger than you are!! And yeah, Ray, that story about the chick in the chigau heya – next time: Get chance and luck!!

    Well, I think the entire set of new Evangelion movies has been redesigned to instill different atmosphere and feelings into the viewer.

    The good news about Ichiban Ushio no Daimao is that you don’t have to understand it!!! Just watch the various onscreen Fan-sabbisu!!!

    Ah hahhaah!! Dear god, the bathroom break/ shorts, lawl!

    Very good, sir. My only criticisms would be the background, which you mentioned, and I would also vote for more headroom in the shot. Trifling matters, the both.

    Looking forward to more vidcasts!

    1. I know…damn, it was such a shame! But I love those one liter Asahi Namas! A real manly portion! XD

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