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Anime Diet Radio Episode 8–The Anime Expo Aftermath


Real life got in the way a bit, but the post-AX podcast episode is now here! The first half of the episode is about some of the new shows this summer, including Zombie Loan, Mushi-Uta, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, and Nanatsuiro Drops, as well as the ending of Nodame Cantabile. The second half is about the experience of Anime Expo, pro and con, especially the latter, including some directions we are thinking needs to be taken by cons in the future. Has AX gotten too big for its own good?

This is one episode where we are particularly interested in your feedback. We are looking to hear about YOUR con stories–horror stories, as well as examples of things that went right and were run very well. It could be from AX, Otakon, or any other convention, such as the upcoming ComicCon in San Diego. Send us email to, or leave us comments on the post for this podcast ( We will compile your responses and read the best ones on the air.

Next episode is coming very soon, and it’s about the summer season. Meanwhile, enjoy our thoughts for this week!

Show Notes

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