Anime Diet Radio Episode 4 – The New Lateness


The huge amount of schoolwork basically put me behind schedule for the editing of the last couple of podcasts…so this one is a little old (recorded two weeks ago). So pardon the news not being so new. This time, Ray and I have got some news about the King of Foreign Otaku, Anno’s puppet show, and ADV’s batch of licenses (we talk mostly about Welcome to the NHK and Pumpkin Scissors). After that we chatter about Lucky Star, Mai Hime, Reideen, and Claymore!

Note that since this was recorded two weeks earlier, I’ve actually seen a lot more Mai-Hime episodes than I had when I recorded this show. (You might be interested in seeing the post I wrote after I saw 8 episodes. Since then I’ve seen 16 and am still continuing.)

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Koi no Mikuru Densetsu” from Haruhi Suzumiya episode 1
  • –ED: “Romanesque” by Fiction Junction YUUKA (from El Cazador de la Bruja)
  • –The story about crowning of the gaijin otaku king is at Anime News Network, here. (
  • –Anno’s directing of the Danish puppet film is here. (
  • –More details about ADV’s licensing of Gonzo shows is here. (
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