Anime Diet Radio Episode 26 – Fall 2008 With Your Host, Krauser III

He just...loves everything.
He just...loves everything.


It’s time for our quarterly Fall 2008 Roundtable at Anime Diet Radio! Shows covered include ef, Clannad, Nodame Cantabile, Hyakko, Akane Iro, CHAOS;HEAD, Linebarrel, and Kurozuka. This also marks the first time in a while where we’ve had 3, not 2 news items, too. Continuing the Krauser madness from the last episode, we talk about the Hollywood effort to remake Detroit Metal City (as well as the super-secret casting list our co-host Jeremy acquired), the misinformed MSNBC article on anime and sex, and strange appearances of Haruhi Suzumiya on Canadian TV and…tissue boxes.

As another DMC inspired episode, this one also gets the “explicit” tag. Kids need permission slips from their parents to listen. :

Show Agenda

  • (00:00–04:30) Introduction (OP, from Bounen no Xamdou: “Shut Up and Explode” by Boom Boom Satellites)
  • (04:31–19:44) News 1: DMC, the Hollywood edition?
  • (19:45–35:34) News 2: MSNBC “article” on anime and sex
  • (35:35–40:50) News 3: Haruhi in strange places
  • (40:51–52:07) Roundtable: ef~a tale of melodies, Clannad
  • (52:08–55:38) Roundtable: Nodame S2, Seto no Hanayome OVA
  • (55:39–57:59) Roundtable: Akane Iro, Hyakko
  • (58:00–59:27) Announcement: New York Anime Festival
  • (59:28–60:57) Roundtable: CHAOS;HEAD
  • (60:58–62:22) Roundtable: Linebarrel
  • (62:23–64:20) Roundtable: Kurozuka
  • (64:21–end) Conclusion (ED, from Zero no Tsukaima Princess no Rondo: “Gomen Ne,” by Rie Kugiyama)

Show Notes

  • –The news about the possible Hollywood DMC remake offers is at the Anime News Network (1).
  • –The original MSNBC article is at the MSNBC website (2). Fan reactions include the ANN Forum (3).
  • –Strange Haruhi appearances in Canadian Tylenol ads were reported by the ANN (4). They also had a separate story on the tissue boxes (5).
  • –We took our information about the upcoming fall shows from THAT Animeblogger’s Fall 2008 Preview post (6)

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