Handwriting fetish fever, Chihayafuru, Aku No Hana


Aku No Hana is getting crazier. It’s the point of potlatch. It surpassed the sense of guilt.

While Kasuga has a buruma fetish, and Shimura Ken has a pantsu fetish, I have to confess my another fetishism in this fetishly repressed society of USA. That I…I have a thing for handwriting. Yes, a handwriting of girls. Saeki’s gym cloths has a handwritten name tag.


Yes, also sukumizu (school swimsuit) too, handwriting name tag on the breasts. And that handwriting distorted by protrusion of breasts are just, ohhhhh. But this type of fetishism is probably unique to Japanese people. It’s not limited to otakus, but it is a historically valid fetishismo.


The handwriting of girls, so called “onna-moji” is onna-de (女手), yes “girl’s hand.” And it’s typically rounded, “maru-moji” or rounded letters. I don’t have any fetish for girl’s hand per se. But handwriting of the girls is an extension of girl’s things-in-themselves. The hira-gana words are made of kanji (chinese character) as you see the diagram. So, hira-gana is simplified, more rounded, just like the roundness and tenderness of female body. So, it was thought to be more feminine. Chinese was used for official documents. But privately, like poetry, romance, and sex, hira-gana was used. So, hira-gana was surely more sexual. Yes, hira-gana is sex-appeal! But hira-gana was thought to be uneducated and lower class writing, partly because of women’s font, but once Japan cut off a relationship with China, then, hira-gana has gained more respect.


So, the ancient Japanese romance, girls wrote love letter, exchanging romantic letters in a poetic form. And alas, some of them have become karuta, the card game that Chihaya is genius at. Now is considered as sexting. But at that time, girls wrote with hira-gana, and from that writing, guys would imagine how cute she was. Because girls were hidden behind the curtains, so you couldn’t see her face. Yes, skinshipless was forced, and this created handwriting fetishism. And you can’t tell her face too. So, you can only guess her looks and personality from her handwritings. That’s the only clue you had. So, the degree of horniness getting from her poetry would be unimaginable to the modern people like us.

In Japan today, there is MEET-ME, a kind of MMORPG, an online interaction game. You set up an avatar and date online. You don’t know the real face, and it remains that way, and they virtually marry in the game. Yes, even if you are married in real life, you can still get married in the game. Is this an adultery? There is no physicality involved, completely faceless, but still have a romantic feeling. What if that woman is actually a nekama (man putting female avatar online)? Welcome to NHK. So, I can never date online. Without face, it can’t be facebook. It will be facelessbook. But, considering Japanese tradition of faceless romance, that is possible. But personally I still need to see the handwriting in order to fall in love with a faceless woman.

Oh yes, I am an offspring of this romantic culture. This cultural DNA, or in Richard Dawkins’ words, meme, is living in me. That’s why I have a handwriting fetish. Girl’s maru-moji turns me on. It’s so pretty. If that is written on the hello kitty notebook, I would die from moe. From the words, I can tell how cute her personality is. Email is limited to emoticons, but if handwriting, OMG. We should revive Koukan-nikki (exchanging diaries)! Ahh, that girl handwriting, that could be my okazu! Traditionally, written communication was more important than oral communication in Japan! That’s what Saichou insisted to Kukai. Mahayana or Vajrayana.

Yes, handwriting is a charm. It has magical power, so it is called “spell.” Yes, spelling or handwriting, it has magic to turn me on. It casts spell on me. Written mantra is Mahayana, and oral mantra is Vajrayana. Written mantra is handwriting fetish. It’s just recent that vajrayana (voice fetish) started historically, since the time Thomas Edison invented a recording device. That made seiyuu as a profession.

Ahh, I think Kana-chan’s handwriting is so pretty. Yes, her handwriting projects her personality. Yes, her handwriting is the extension of her things-in-themselves! I want to connect to things-in-themselves of Kana-chan, Chii-chan, and Yuigahama. And note that Chii-chan and Yuigahama are both played by Touyama Nao! Yes, both have extremely assertive things-in-themselves! Oh yes, Chii-chan and Yuigahama, they both are so cute! These two are the 2D girls that I want to date the most from this season!

Kana-chan's things-in-themselves
Kana-chan’s things-in-themselves
Chii-chan’s things-in-themselves
Yuigahama’s oppai are actually big, but this one is not so obvious deu to fluffy maid outfit.


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  1. Wow I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a fetish toward this.. hmm.. when you mentioned virtual marriage.. makes me think of two things.. second life/sims and BTOOM..

    1. Yup, girl’s handwriting is such a turn on. Girl’s handwriting is so feminized in Japan. Oh, BTOOM. Yes, they had virtual marriage. I remember that one!

    1. Yeah, totally. It’s bad that we’re now too immersed in smart phones, we can hardly see any handwriting at all…

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