Hataraku Maou-sama, Chii-chan’s facial comedy


Chii-chan is so cute, but that Suzuno (aka Udon-san) is really cute too. Chii-chan got a fujiko-fujio face. That mouth is so Fujiko-Fujio manga style. Kekeke. So cute. And this kimono girl, Udon-san, is cute. That side tail, oh yes, so cute. Yes, twin tail is cute. But also, side tail is really cute. It really fits her Japanese black hair. And perfectly matches her kimono!

Fujiko Fujio mouth
Chii-chan’s Fujiko Fujio mouth
Fujiko Fujio manga style.
Fujiko Fujio manga style. Mouth is unique.

And Udon-san has just moved to Tokyo and still looking for a job, so Mao offers Udon-san a job at McDonalds. Yes, Emi asks Udon-san what kind of job she’s looking for, and she says, “I don’t expect a good decent full time job. If a job pays the bills and makes ends meet at least, that would be enough.” Yes, so basically she’s saying a McJob would be fine. So, Mao offers a Mcjob.


Mao is now a deputy store manager. So, as an evil doer (he is actually Maoh-Satan, thus japanized “Mao Sadao”), I suspect that he uses his position to get more girls, yes making his own harem! Not only Chii-chan, but this Udon-girl too. And then Mao will pimp them for enjo-kōsai. Chii-chan might sue McDee, “MgRonalds made me a whore.” Speaking of enjo-kōsai, there is now online enjo-kōsai in America, so surprisingly America has far more enjo-kōsai than Japan does since it was thought to be Japan’s cultural patent; AKB48 sings about it, and Kitano Takeshi does a comedy skit about it. But instead of buying girls an expensive Italian brand bag, a lot of sugar daddies are paying with a Big Mac. What if some otaku brings a Big Mac to Maid Cafe? Of course, maids will throw him out from the cafe. But if you go to to seekingarrangement.com and browse sugar daddies, you see some of their budget saying, “Budget: Open – Amount Negotiable” instead of putting the cash amount. The word “negotiable” means “how many Big Macs do you want?” So, sugar babes should be careful with daddies with this budget description. They are “McDaddies” instead of “Sugar Daddies.” I thought the Obama recession was over already. But still people are having tough time, so no wonder these oyaji (daddies) can only afford a Big Mac to date young girls.

Anyway, here are Chii-chan’s facial comedy:

Shocked that Udon-san is on first name basis with Mao, while Chii-chan is still on family name basis.


Nice angle!
Ahh, so cute, she confesses her feeling to Sadao! Unbelievable. Chii-chan is really an angel!

Chii-chan doesn’t beat around the bush, but goes directly straight to Mao. Yes, so cute! I wish I had a romantic confession like this!

Kara Mucho mouth.

Chii-chan with Kara Mucho mouth. Is she a descendant of Hii-obaa-san?

On the other hand, Udon-san is really cute too. I just love a side tail. As moe as twin tails! So cute. It really fits kimono! Funny and cute that she is surprised by TV. Just like people were surprised by the Lumier’s films.

TV rotating.

Udon-san brags that she bought a Suica, an electric train ticket card unique to Japan.


So, what’s the deal with Moonbucks?

moonbucks2 moobucks1

Starbucks? Moonbucks, you get to see 2D girls mooning?

And she’s never used escalators? Funny.

Is she okay?
Is she okay?

Man, I really love this series. The best one this season! Girls are so cute. Can’t wait for the next episode! More cat fights between heroines! Deshishi!

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