Secret Santa Survival Guide: Satisfying fujoshi curiosity…

Okay just days before Christmas, what happens if you happen to pull from a secret Santa hat, someone who is either a female you know likes the bl fandoms, or if they are the boyfriend to a girl who is a bl-fangirl? Then what? So these are pretty nifty ideas for giving them as gifts.

For the boyfriend…..

My Girlfriend’s a Geek, Vol. 1 (My Girlfriend’s a Geek (manga)) ($9.34 new from (Yen Press, 2010.)

Now there’s a Novel (image above is the cover) and a graphic novel version, but either one is fine….and dependent on reading taste.

Another choice would be…

Fujoshi Rumi Volume 1 ($10.19 new from (Media Blasters, 2008.)

This is definitely about what it takes for a guy to develop a crush on a glasses wearing fujoshi. This is another take on My Girlfriend is a Geek, so as the other in a relationship, how do you handle your girlfriend’s interests?

Now for a females….

If they don’t have this in their collection, then it is not supporting the bl-industry..

Junjo Romantica Season 1 Dvd Collection ($44.99 from (Right Stuf, 2010)

This is a nice straight off the bat identifiable bl title. It is not as ambiguous as Gravitation, but it has its moments.

For the cat boy lovers, and the really hot guys lovers.. ignore the shota aspects, but check out…also has fantastic music, and battle scenes.

Loveless Complete Slimpack ($14.99 from (Anime Works, 2009.)

Now as a safe safe gift, you can always produce a gift certificate form Akadot Retail. I am very very sure that any bl-fan would totally love it, since Akadot has a large collection of yaoi books/media.

Author: Linda

Linda is a life long fan of anime, and dabbles in a lot of things. She writes with a tentative neutral voice.. and as for that three year anime blogging mark, she tries to defy that as she is gaining a voice in other mediums ie: Twitter. Find her at other places online. "They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance." -Terry Pratchett