Want to show your little cousins the power of cosplay?

Well, how about some Naruto costumes for kids, make right here in the USA!

[Note: translated from Chinese. For the full story and to brush up on Chinese (looking at the pictures), see this site.]

American costume company decides to fully enter the cosplay market.

On Sept. 1, the American costume company “Moon Costumes”, have announced 16 new costumes from “Naruto”, “Bleach”, “Kingdom Hearts”, and “Fullmetal Alchemist”. Sizes suitable for kids from 6 years old to 16 years old…I mean teenagers from 11 to 16.

Some other ones they already have include the pilot plug suits from “Eva”, uniforms from “Utena”, and dresses from “Chobits”.

Ray’s take: Hey, what a great opportunity to get your little cousins and their friends to succumb to the power of the Otaku side. You gotta start young, right? The tobacco company certainly knew what they were doing, so maybe us Otaku can take that page out of their playbook! Rejoice, Narutards, it’s time to convert more people to the Narutard side. Rejoice, Evatard (read:Mike), it’s time to convert more people to the Gendo side!

Author: Ray

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  1. You know randomly enough I think I saw some of these at suncoast…an hour ago. Or at least we saw the orange jumpsuit. Came, laughed, moved on.

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