So this is how Death Note would work in real life – unlike in the manga!

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Police Reaches Dead End in Belgian ‘Manga Murder’ Case

…on November 24 that the police have no concrete leads in the two-month-old case of body parts found near notes linked to the Death Note manga. On September 28, two hikers found a human torso and two thighs in Duden Park in the city of Saint-Gilles. Police later determined the shaven parts came from a Caucasian male individual. No identification or personal effects were found on the body parts, but two pieces of paper were found nearby with the same message in Roman capital letters: “WATASHI WA KIRA DESS.” This is an apparent misspelling of the Japanese phrase “Watashi wa Kira desu,” or “I am Kira (Killer),” that is used in Tsugumi Ooba and Takeshi Obata’s Death Note suspense manga series…

…No missing person was reported whose description matches the body parts. The only potential witness that has come forward was a jogger that said she saw a blond man lying down in the area where the body parts were discovered. However, she could not provide any more clues…

Ray’s take: Well, duh! Kira used the Death Note! No wonder no evidence could be found. No wonder this doesn’t even look like anything in the Death Note manga and anime. I mean, come on! If I were Kira, would I do something exactly like the manga so that people can actually solve the case and find me???

Oops. XD BTW, I’ve NEVER EVER been to Belgium.

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8 thoughts on “So this is how Death Note would work in real life – unlike in the manga!

  1. I can’t wait until the conservatives backlash at such retarded little cases like these and start gaining worldwide attention against the HARMFUL effects of DARK, SINFUL MEDIA like Death Note.

    Urgh. I’m so senile.

  2. You may find it stupid for him/her to have written dess other than desu like it should be. i am no detective but i belive it was a made mistake here read i have figured out that dess means “green” and some time you are green when you are sick or green being the metophrical term for sick as in sick minded and the way the muder took place they who ever they are is very sick indeed. i have also added some numbers up from the case and the number it comes up to is “23” and if any has here about the power of possesion that number has on people than you sould understand. Green as i was talking about early could also mean where the killing took place. I belive this person has some sort of ficsaion with evi here are resons 1 there are to 3’s in play as in number’s two threes = 666 now there if you add the other three that makes twleve-one = 11 and the other 12 – 1 = 11 having 1111 the gates of hell 333 half evil and 666 full blown evil i think this is more than just a prank and it is more than the police can handle that is was all i have to say . Good day.

  3. well none important you seem to have found alot but were did those numbers come from, and at least in the anime kira never said I am kira, but he did say I am justice mybe the note means that he thinks that is justice since he believes that he is kira, he may have had a katana to cut off the hands, feet, and head, since katana’s were made to cut off limbs in one strike, and kira may have had the body frozen for a while until he came up with how to make there be little to no evidence, for the lack of skin cells and fallen out hair at the scene I beleive that kira wore a full body skin tight suit, for the lack of foot prints he probably wore mochasins, I remember reading they leave less noticable foot prints, I have also heard there was a second murder in russia that had all the same conditions,  I ask you one thing why cut off the thighs only to deposit them not far away from the torso? that is because the thighs were from a different person, since the body was starting to degrade it would be hard to identify the DNA and the thighs would have different DNA and they would be degrading, having those two together would make it seem like both were from the same person and give police a tough time to realize that the torso and the legs were from a different person. if you would like to contact me contact me at leave a message with your email address

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