So, Japanese tree hugging hippies wins the battle for the forest.

From ANN

Miyazaki’s Group Raises 73 Million Yen to Save Forest

On October 9, famed anime director Hayao Miyazaki, along with a group of supporters, presented about 73 million yen (US$620,000) to the city of Higashimurayama to preserve what local residents are calling “Totoro’s Forest…”

Ray’s take: So the Japanese hippies win one for the day! Boy, are they gonna get some good lay with Mononoke Hime tonight! Har har har…

Author: Ray

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1 thought on “So, Japanese tree hugging hippies wins the battle for the forest.

  1. Higashimurayama sounds like both “Higurashi” and “Hinamizawa.”

    It’s a forest instead of a dam, but .. heh.

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