I thought these were called sandals.

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From Anime Corporation News

Viz Media, T.U.K. to Offer Bleach Footwear

Viz Media announced a partnership with footwear manufacturer T.U.K. Shoes to offer a limited edition release of Bleach shoes. Pre-orders for the US$65 shoes are open now on Viz Media’s online store…

Ray’s take: Gee, I thought you can find sandals at your local WalMart, K-Mart, or whatever warehouse/mass discount stores. I mean, that’s what these guys wear, right…OH BLEACH! Damn, I got this confused with Naruto, I mean, both have been running for like, few hundred episode already, and that’s why it’s confusing to me…Never mind. I hope these come with swords, then.

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  1. I know, seriously. These evil “AnimeNano” guys are probably making a huge fortune off other bloggers hard work.

    Ya know, since there’s so much money in the anime blogging business.


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