A possible trigger for more Death Note Standalone Complex crimes.

From ANN

Librarians Nominate Death Note for Book Award

The Washington State Young Adult Review Group (WSYARG), an organization composed of librarians and other professionals who work to promote books and other materials appropriate for teenagers, has nominated the first volume of Death Note for its 2008 Evergreen Young Adult Book Award…

Ray’s take: I didn’t know Death Note is appropriate for teenagers, especially in the States, I mean, isn’t it true that kid watch TV violence and they go out and shoot like, 50 classmates or so, EVERY SINGLE TIME they see guns appear on TV? Or don’t they start firing¬†Kamehameha waves and blow up cars after watching Dragon Ball Z? Oh I know, I’m pretty fucking sure they actual build their own Gundam in their basements and the next thing you know, they’re out there fighting mecha battles and destroying schools. I’m so very absolutely sure that the parents are totally not responsible whatsoever and when kids watch TV they suck it all up and try to do the same. Right. So, I’m surprised that open-minded people in the State of Washington (librarians!) would select Death Note as a nominee.

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