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School Days – It puts Hitchcock’s Psycho to shame?

From Kurogane’s anime blog

A devastated Sekai wakes up the next morning, to a message from Makoto, telling her to go abort the baby (You bloody bastard). Makoto arrives at school and is relieved to see Sekai absent and shortly after receives a message from her saying she’s going to the hospital. Makoto and Kotonoha then have lunch at the roof like they did before and exchange niceties.

After school, Sekai meets Makoto at home and he asks her how was the visit to the hospital. Sekai remains silent, prompting Makoto to go make some tea for her, but Sekai takes up the job. Makoto’s handphone receives a message and he checks it in his bedroom. He’s surprised to see it’s from Sekai, containing only a lot of white spaces, with a single phrase, “さよなろ” at the end.

Ray’s take: move over, Hitchcock! There are two new psychos in town! Let’s play this drinking game – take a big swig when you see blood, and drink the whole glass with each stab! Also, here’s something appropriate – a slash sound effect with the murder theme music from Psycho playing in the background!


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