Pizza Hut: First We Take Code Geass. Then We Take Evangeliiiiionnnn

(Sorry for the Leonard Cohen reference.) Anime News Network reports:

Pizza Hut has launched a campaign tied to the Evangelion: 1.0 You Are [Not] Alone movie remake in Japan on Thursday. Each customer who orders a medium-sized pizza will get an Evangelion: 1.0 pizza box while supplies last. Pizza Hut Club members will get an Evangelion 1.0 wallpaper for personal computers. Finally, customers that order online can enter to win one of 50 life-size Rei Ayanami cardboard stand-ups….The campaign runs from September 6 to October 17.

And here is the Rei cardboard figure:

Don’t they realize otaku prefer plastic?

Mike’s Take: Pizza Hut. Because, after the Second Impact and the takeover of Japan by Britannia, there is only one company left standing in the chaos. Even holocaust survivors need their Dippin’ Strips.

The news article also confirmed what was blatantly obvious to everyone who watched it–namely, that Code Geass was indeed sponsored by our favorite greasy pizza company. Is this Pizza Hut’s bid to become as ubiquitous as Colonel Sanders in anime?

I really need to go and take the Pizza Hut box right outside my apartment to the recycling bin now.

5 thoughts on “Pizza Hut: First We Take Code Geass. Then We Take Evangeliiiiionnnn

  1. What, are you seeing Rei on your pizza boxes now? I thought you see Asuka on your desktop everyday!

  2. @rayyhum777: if only I could. It’s just an ordinary pizza box.

    @dood: I don’t recall McDonalds being in a lot of anime except in parody form. But there have been plenty of KFC Col Sanders!

  3. Yeah, I remember even in the first episode of Higurashi, there was a colonel sanders. I can’t see any sort of way where it promote anything to put it in an anime. Especially code geass and evangelion. I for one haven’t ever wanted to put anything in my mouth after seeing it animated.
    I have to agree with you though, even holocaust survivors need their dippin’ strips.

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