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Let’s see what they’ll make into anime next…

How about digital pets? No I’m not talking about those pictures with girls wearing Neko mimi on your PC. Here we go with the news:

From Anime Corporation

Tamagotchi Anime Movie 

The insanely popular Tamagotchi digital-pet franchise from the late 90’s is now being adapted into an anime movie, entitled Tamagotchi: Doki Doki! Uchuu no Maigotchi, premiering in Japan December 15.

Ray’s take: Geez, is there anything they CAN’T make into anime these days? Moetan is a pretty decent adaptation but Tamaguchi (I remember it was spelled tamaguchi)? So are they shooting another digimon? Whip out your “dead” Tamaguchi pets and rush to the theater if you live in Japan on December 15! It’s going to be a “live” experience!

Ray’s pitch for an anime: maybe they can make Sony’s Robot pets into another anime, and also these female robots at conventions…Oh wait, they already have GitS with these female androids…

I’ll give this movie 1/10 for the innovation (pffff XD) factor.

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