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In the Grim future of Hello Kitty against China Ala WWII there’s only war!!!

From ANN –

Hello Kitty Named Japan’s Tourism Ambassador to China

The Japanese government has “appointed” Hello Kitty as its tourism ambassador to China and Hong Kong on Monday.

The Hello Kitty‘s Dream Light Fantasy stage musical opened in Beijing earlier this year, and it will later travel to other countries, including the United States. Several Hello Kitty manga have been created over the years — from a 1976-1979 one in Ririka magazine to Hello Kitty Peace!!, the most recent manga by Anzu Momoyama that will launch in Ribon magazine on June 6. Hello Kitty has been animated several times over the years, and veteran Japanese voice actress Megumi Hayashibara (Ranma ½‘s female Ranma, Evangelion‘s Rei) has played her in almost all of them. ADV Films released English-dubbed versions of some of the videos.

Ray’s take: Chinese beware! The Japanese once again is trying to take over China in 3 months using a different tactic! instead of guns, bombings and imperial troops, this time it’s cuteness! Beware, as one Chinese American (read: me) has already been conquered and collected figurines produced by 7-11! HELP ME!!!! Megumi-sama, bonzai! Bonzai! Bonzai!

I can see Zhong at the front line fighting the invasion of kittykus borgs

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