Hikki’s “Beautiful World” Tops the Charts in Japan

The Anime News Service reports that Utada Hikaru’s “Beautiful World,” the ending song to the first Evangelion Rebuild film, is now #1 on the Japanese radio charts. The brief article also notes that Hikaru is also a “huge Evangelion fan.”

Mike’s Take: This is admittedly a different kind of song than we were used to hearing in the old Eva TV series and movie, a much more ordinary kind of pop song, though not unusual for the kind of songs that usually close movies–as this one does, I’m told. I also find it interesting that Hikki, as her fans call her, who is actually American-educated (she was at Columbia University) and speaks English very fluently, is also an Eva-tard just like me! Did she get to meet Anno? Did she bow down at his feet and call him anime-god? 🙂

I used this song as the BGM for my last audio column, btw–plug plug! By any chance, does anyone have a translation of the lyrics?

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2 thoughts on “Hikki’s “Beautiful World” Tops the Charts in Japan

  1. I’m sorry but I need to call this shot: I do not find this song to be of exceptional quality. It is good, but I won’t even say very good. Still, earning a good mark from me means being within top 20% of the songs I heard, so it may be adequate.

  2. Actually, I agree with you. It’s not very catchy or striking, which is why it made good background music. 🙂 As my article sort of implied it’s a very “ordinary” pop song.

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