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“Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge” Film Scheduled to Air In Several Asian Countries

Fans of Hunter x Hunter, or specifically the Yorknew City arc in which Kurapika is essentially the main character for nearly 20 episodes straight, will be excited to hear that Animax Asia has released an English-subtitled trailer of the 2013 film Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge.

To be precise, individuals who live in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines may need to mark their calendars on June 7th, the official day Phantom Rouge will air. The film, similar to the series, will revolve around Kurapika as he continues to seek revenge on the Phantom Troupe who massacred his entire clan.

Commentary & Discussion

Now, is it me, or does Kurapika and Sasuke Uchiha have quite a few things in common? As for those who’ve already watched Phantom Rouge, was it as good, or better, than the Yorknew City arc? Let us know!

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