“Dragon Ball Z” & “Sailor Moon” Make Their Way Back to A New Generation

Two of the most praised anime series of the shōnen and shōjo genre are undoubtedly Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. The two classic shows grabbed the hearts of millions in the 90’s, along with being “the anime” that influenced a vast amount of individuals to become dedicated fans of Japanese animation.

And now, nearly 20 years later, the two hit wonders return to grab the hearts of a new generation.


Toonami recently announced that they will be airing Dragon Ball Z Kai, the revised version of Dragon Ball Z, in Fall 2014. Most of the Japanese VA’s for the new Dragon Ball are the same cast as the original. Including 77-year-old Nozawa Masako (Goku), and Horikawa Ryo (Vegeta).

In addition, Crunchyroll announced that they will be streaming Sailor Moon Crystal, a reboot of the series that’s suppose to take a more direct approach of the Sailor Moon manga, on July 5th. Similarly to Dragon Ball Z Kai, most of the VA’s from the original Sailor Moon are uniting nearly 20 years later to bring their iconic characters back to life.

Commentary & Discussion

Now that the two most prolific series in the shōnen and shōjo genre return, will they have as much of an impact, or more, for the new generation of fantasy driven individuals? Let us know!

Author: Lindo Korchi

After realizing that writing was his native language, Lindo set out on creating a novel. Eventually he realized that it would be 'impossible' to make a career out of it - discarding his dream. It wasn't until he began writing for Anime Expo's news site, Inside AX, that he would discover the multitude of routes that journalism holds. Since that time, he's reclaimed his dream and has continued to hone his skills in the art of literary. While covering conventions, he found an additional art-form that he would fall in love with -- photography. Now the journey truly begins for our young warrior.