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From ANN

Japanese Box Office, October 13-14: Eva Hangs on at #9
…first of four Evangelion movie remakes, Evangelion: 1.0 You Are [Not] Alone, drops one spot to #9 on Kogyo Tsushinsha’s top ten chart of the Japanese box office for the weekend of October 13 to 14. Box Office Mojo reports the movie’s weekend box office total was the equivalent of US$295,188, which brings its cumulative total to US$14,460,078 to date…

Ray’s take:…No wonder I thought the Mike I’ve been talking to sounded weird. For the past few weeks he’s been saying stuff like: “Hey man…wussup man…cool, man…wuttt? Japan? Where is Japan, man? Rock on, man, God is cool, man, JC is my buddy, man, Shinji is my buddy…too, man…” Damn it, I warned him not to use the transporter room too much, study shows (of course you won’t see that study being published by the United Federation of Planets) that using the “beam up” technology too often will actually kill a lot more brain cells then smoking 1 kilo of crack a day for one week! Damn it, Mike, the Eva movie is fun, but it’s not worth going over to Japan and seeing it 1000 times!

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