Deathnote witnessed in Virginia, USA?

From ANN

Virginian Teen Suspended over Names in ‘Death Note’ 

…Military Academy in Richmond, Virginia suspended a senior this week for reportedly having a list of his classmates’ names in a book called “Death Note,” a reference to the Japanese suspense manga and anime…

…the manga’s Taiwanese publisher and a non-profit Taiwanese watchdog group supported the work for raising issues, and a Washington state librarians’ group nominated it for a young adults’ book award. Two messages left in a Belgian crime scene have been associated with Death Note, but police in that case have yet to identify a suspect…

Ray’s take:  There’s a web site that lets you do your own Death Note, alas the site seems to be down at the moment. I could find it very handy…In any case, above was another Death Note sighting! Where will the Death Note appear next???!!!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving (if your country celebrates it).

Author: Ray

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8 thoughts on “Deathnote witnessed in Virginia, USA?

  1. i think that this whole incident was taken WAY OUT OF HAND nad the student was wrongly prosicuted!!!first off its just a show and ever one knows that none of the stuff that happens in the show can actually happen in real life!!!its just people enjoying what they love,being fans of anime!!!after all billions of people all over the world obsess over super-stars like Beyonce and chris brown!GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!NONE OF THAT STUFF CAN HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!!!ITS JUST PEOPLE ENJOYING WHAT THEY LOVE!!!AND BESIDES I LOVE DEATH NOTE AND IM TIRED OF PEOPLE TRYING TO CANCEL/BAN/GET RID OF IT SO OTHER OTAKU LIKE US CANT ENJOY IT!SO STOP BEING STUPID AND GET OVER IT!!!!!

  2. People are so paranoid and easily influenced these days…But a lot of times it’s the parents to blame for not educating the kids well, other times it’s because a lot of people back home in US, especially on the East Coast, is just too f’ing uptight about everything.

  3. I don’t know who you were referring to, but my home country has become something of an embarrassment (though I’m mostly still proud of it) in the past few years.

  4. This reminds me of something that happened at my school. I had friend that was talking about death note and some idiot overheard. They told a teacher or someone, and voila! She got dragged into the office, they wanted to know about this notebook that had names of people that were going to die. To them it sounded more like a hit list, and i don’t blame them for questioning her. I blame the idiot that could’nt realize Death Note, is fantasy…not reality. Anyways everything was fine when they realized that the coonversation was only over an Manga/Anime.

    Sometimes i just have to laugh at people’s stupidity, having a death note with people’s names in it DOES NOT mean they are dangerous. Duh. Death notes are so easy to get a hold of, wake up people and pull your head out of the clouds. Suspention is waaaay to heavy of a punishment.

  5. People in the US have been paranoid for a while now after being spooked by 9/11 and then the Bush Nazis with their orange alert all day. Even though that’s gone, there are still a bunch of crazy paranoid idiots out there trying to blame everything and everyone else but themselves. It’s almost the same argument with violent video games encourage more violence.

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