Canadians! Bring forth your death notes!

From ANN

Death Note Confirmed to Air on Canada’s YTV October 26
Canada’s YTV channel emailed a YTV Anime Bulletin on Monday that confirmed that it will premiere the Death Note supernatural suspense anime series at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Friday, October 26.

Ray’s take: as reported at “The Diet 3 Daily”, the number of sudden and unexplainable deaths in Canada have suddenly increased. The MOUNTIES (haha) have been searching for a strange and grotesque man described by a dying apple orchard owner as an “apple lover”.

Fine, I don’t know Death Note, so please, no sympathy laughs, but have fun watching it if you haven’t! I will soon.

1 thought on “Canadians! Bring forth your death notes!

  1. *shifty*
    Huh? no, I’m not hiding a blood-covered naginata behind my back!
    It’s just a broomstick with uhm.. ketchup, hai that’s it ketchup!
    *nervous laugh*
    The RCMP will never catch me, their horses are too slow to match with my Kiyohime <3 *cough* you didn’t hear that.

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