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Yuri Panel at MangaNEXT

Erica Friedman (@yuricon) and Sean Gaffney (@toukochan) hosts this panel on a genre of manga that does not get as much props as it deserves. Among the numerous titles out there. What is good? What are ones to perhaps avoid. This is not a panel that would suggest for attendees where there is just lesbian sex. Erica just happened to be cleaning house, so she was giving away Japanese goods to audience members.

Tweeting and generally wi-fi was horrible at Panel 2, but yes these three anime titles are suggested for yuri fans to view. These titles may not outright be yuri, but definitely for yuri-minded fans. Black Rock Shooter and Puella Magi Madoka Magica are available for free online via Nico Nico Douga and Crunchy Roll. Revolutionary Girl Utena as a clarification is available as a DVD set from

Since began last year, they have been releasing digitally titles that often may or may not get released in print.  Girlfriends, being the only exception is also available in print from Seven SeasLove My Life, and Poor Poor Lips are yuri electronic released titles. Erica gives much props to on bringing over Yuri titles to be read in English.

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