Kanon Wakeshima Interview – AM2 Press Junket

Here’s our short but sweet interview with Kanon Wakeshima at this year’s AM2 Press Junket! She’s best known as the singer of the ED to “Vampire Knight.” We ask her about women in cello, goth lolita style, and her love of classical music.

Transcript follows the break. Translation provided by Tony from the Nihon Review (@KylaranAeldin). Thanks!

Q (not on video): You got started on cello at a very early age. Do you have any memories of what it was like to play then? What inspired you to get into it?

I don’t quite remember since I was 3 years old at the time, but my parents liked the cello– they loved classical music, especially the cello. They decided that they wanted me to play the cello from before I was born.

Q: Is there a particular reason why you got into it?

My parents thought there was something cool about a girl playing cello because there’s so few of them.

Q: Do you still feel that way, that it’s harder for women to get into the cello, or not as equally representative?

Yes, there really are more men that play cello than women. My teacher was a man.

Q: Is that something you’d like more women to take part in?

In terms of playing, I don’t think gender matters, but I was extremely happy when I came to America and someone told me that they picked up the cello because me while asking me to sign their cello.

Q: What kind of anime do you like to watch?

Anime I watch… There’s a lot of anime airing every season in Japan, so I watch a bunch. My favorite… Oh, I have a lot. I can’t pick a favorite.

Q: What do you think draws people to the gothic lolita style? [Note: Kanon Wakeshima’s solo work is notable for her gothic lolita costumes. See her video here.]

The reason people become interested in gothic lolita is due to people having an interest in cute clothes in the first place. Instead of conforming the latest trends, they can wear what they want and customize it while making it into a fashion statement.

Q: What classical pieces do you like? Do you still want to play in a large concert hall?

Cello pieces I like… Well, I like Haydn, Mozart, and Brahms. I also like the many songs I’ve played on the cello as well as composing. I do sometimes think I would like to perform in a big concert hall, and if I had the chance I would.

Q: What inspires you in your visual style?

I really like fashion. As you can see, I drew a lot of inspiration from the cultre of royalty in Europe, and I really like history.

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