Otakon 2011: CHEMISTRY Set List

As the weekend of Otakon is drawing to a close, on Friday con goers were treated to a sample of CHEMISTRY’s songs. This year marks their 10th year Anniversary since their debut as a chart topping duo. Otakon provides the stage for their debut presence on American soil. They lit the stage with energy and vibrancy, as they also danced alongside with backup dancers. Their anime songs in particular notice to Full Metal Alchemist‘s opening had nearly the entire place standing up and cheering from their seats. So for only a short hour, fans were treated to R&B, Japanese style.

This is the set list of the songs they sang.

Go Alone
merry-go-round (Gundam Unicorn)
Wings of words
This Night
Life goes on (Antique Bakery)
Period (Full Metal Alchemist)
Keep your Love

Author: Linda

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