Otakon 2011: Thoughts about CHEMISTRY Concert

As I rushed out the set list, the day after I received it, I was still in the middle of fixing images from Friday’s Otakon concert, so now a week later…here! (BTW, I went back and revised the set list, with appropriate anime videos.)

Compared to last year’s Otakon, Friday’s concert was the only concert I was able to cover this year. So as I summed up some thoughts about CHEMISTRY….I clearly forgot who they specifically were, while my friends reminded me of their anime openings…which I do like Antique Bakery‘s opening, however on further review from their discography of songs. They do have one song that I really loved.. 君をさがしてた ~New Jersey United~ which was actually used as a theme song for a live action I watched a couple of years ago. So of course I am kicking myself… for not getting their autograph.

Following that, I also I learned some other lessons, that I would try to remember the next time. I forgot to take a picture of their merchandise table. The table had their latest single, their best of album, cell phone strap, glow stick, photo book.. among some others, items. Well the first thing to be sold out, were the glow sticks and the photo book.

My attempt to take a picture of the audience.

Press were seated the stage right, and were allowed to take photos of the group for the first three songs, with no flash. Of course, a mob of us swarmed over to get photos. This venue was packed. CHEMISTRY performed with much energy, and it was a fun show. Of course some parts of when they were performing anime openings, it would have been great to have seen clips of the anime they were performing. The most popular song that they performed was of course the Full Metal Alchemist theme song.

In the middle of their concert, Yoshikuni Dōchin, pulled out a paper to speak with the audience in their broken English. Everyone didn’t mind, as he thanked everyone for their support for Japan.

Somethings Otakon did differently this year, they had a running merchandise table for sales, where the autograph sessions use to be held, and cleared the room out for what looks to be the Otakon Rave. If you see the set list, there was no encore performance, so this concert was actually on time, and finished in about an hour.

So this was CHEMISTRY’s debut in America with Synergy, a Japanese dance group. They are going to be collaborating with this group some more. If you want to follow them via twitter, @chemistry_2011 (They tweet in Japanese mainly, and at the time of this entry, I see that they’re taking some time to tour the U.S.)

Check out more of my photos during this concert here. Also be sure to check out Dragon Fish Film’s Concert photos as well.

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