Home Made Kazoku Set List at Otakon 2010

Home Made Kazoku, referred to as HMK was Otakon’s Sunday Concert, so this was their United States debut. Anime  fans of Bleach, Naurto or Eureka 7 would have heard of this group, from their catchy endings. To the delight of many screaming fans who were lucky to see them at Otakon this year, they are a great upbeat band to listen to. DJ Micro and DJ Kuro knew English fluently, and definitely knew how to appeal to the crowd. It was a great rousing way to end the concert. This is what their set list was during the concert, and was supplied courtesy from Alyce Wilson at Otakon Press.

  1. Kazoku Sensei
  2. Shonen Heart
  3. We Are Family
  5. Live On Direct
  6. L.O.V.E
  8. Nagareboshi – Shooting Star
  10. Manatsu no Dance Call
  11. Salvia no Tsubomi
  14. Thank You !! (Encore)

Jon, I know was able to grab some photographs from their first four songs. That will be up, and there is still some more coverage left to be posted of Anime Diet’s run of Otakon 2010.

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  1. It was poorly run, but I was able to enjoy mesylf in spite of that. I guess since it was only a half hour drive, it wasn’t a big deal to me if it wasn’t that good. I’m sure if I had rented a hotel room to go to the convention I’d be a lot more upset. We were kind of joking with ourselves about it, as far as how it probably looked from the guests’ perspective. JYB and his band walk up to the registration desk with their equipment, presumably to ask where the hell they were playing? That’s what we imagined they were asking when they did and just laughed. (The concert was two blocks away).

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