AX 2008 Video Diary, Day 1

Finally. This is divided into two parts, to make it fit for Youtube. This is part 1:

And this is part 2:

One thing I really noticed is that not being in really long lines for a good part of the day meant that I didn’t get to interview as many strangers: on this day, at least, I mostly interviewed people that I knew already. Don’t worry, though–there are many more cosplayer interviews on future days. And the full panel video is coming very soon–maybe as soon as tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “AX 2008 Video Diary, Day 1

  1. If you were a blond and attractive woman you’d be a terrific TV reporter. Well done!

  2. that’s weird that they didn’t let you get her CD signed the first day. Shokotan signed my GL OP CD on the first day. well thanks for the interview, makes me feel famous ^_^

  3. How dare you leave me on the cutting room floor! If I hadn’t asked you to do it I’d be so mad at you right now. =P

    Great job guys!

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