AX Video Diary, Day 2

Finally! Day 2 (Saturday)–aka SOS Brigade Invasion Day–is up. I’ve got some really colorful interviews in this one, including a rather…interesting Haruhi. You’ll see. 🙂 Plus, I caught some of the technical glitches during the Geneon and ADV panels, which was a harbinger of things to come at this con.

To keep the video under 10 minutes for Youtube and to make the video a coherent narrative, I had to cut some interviews that I originally planned to include. If you were looking for yourself and you didn’t see your interview, don’t worry: I plan to include a reel after all the days are up at the end of the week with everyone I had to cut from the main video.

Anyways, Day 2. Enjoy! Day 3 will be posted hopefully tomorrow.

Coming soon: after all the videos are posted, a thorough, well-thought writeup of my impressions of AX. Part of a continuing tradition of reporting on cons every year (see my report of AX last year).

Addendum: amazing. Someone actually smuggled a camera into the concert and caught some footage of Aya singing “God Knows.” So if you were curious as to what you were missing…here it is. I think it confirms, alas, some of my impressions that I give at the end of my video and it wasn’t just a technical problem.

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2 thoughts on “AX Video Diary, Day 2

  1. On the “related” clips after the Aya video finishes include audio of the press conference where Aya says Timotei and sings Cha La Head Cha La

  2. Hey there! I’m Kelly, the girl with the Haruhi plushies. You were a real sweet guy, thanks for making the waiting line a little more bearable (I found out later I didn’t need to wait in line at all, blargh).

    The concert as a whole, overall, it was what I expected. Part of me had a nice time (despite the horrible planning, etc) but I do agree and understand all the complaints everyone has been saying. I almost couldn’t get in because I forgot I had a camera inside my bag. I said I could throw my batteries away but they still refused. Boy, was I pissed; and sunburnt from waiting in line yet again. I then decided to place my camera next to a trash can and ran right inside (I got my camera back, thankfully). I understand the whole “no recording devices” thing but, come on…

    I said I have no rhythm but if it makes you feel better, I did the whole HHY dance (and singing) when I participated in the Kareoke room. Got some applause for my efforts. ^_^

    Well, good luck with everything and thank you!

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