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Yep, people are bullying and ripping off Otaku just like they do in anime..

From ANN

Twins Sent to Jail for Extorting from Akihabara Otaku

On Tuesday, the Tokyo District Court sentenced a young man and his twin sister to jail time and probation for extorting money from people on the streets of the “Electric Town” neighborhood of Akihabara. According to the verdict handed down by court judge Masahiko Hayashi, the twins “viewed the otaku in Akihabara as easy targets for extortion.”

…the twins carried out their attacks in August when the sister would bump into people on the street and then (joined by her brother) would demand that the person she bumped into apologize. The brother would then demand payments as a method of apology. In total, the twins extorted 110,000 yen (about US$1,000) from two different people…

Ray’s take: 0____O Wow…Anime plots right in the streets of Akiba! In REAL LIFE! Holy Shit! Now don’t let this give you any ideas…

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