The New Evangelion Trailer: Everything’s In Place, Mr Anno


Let’s see:

  • Random shots of power lines, traffic lights, and urban scenery bathed in yellow light? Check.
  • Yet another Fly Me to the Moon variation (this time by none other than Utada Hikaru)? Check.
  • Traumatized looking characters? Check.
  • Cross shaped explosions? Check.

And now featuring:

  • More 3d!
  • More chiaroscuro! (God, I love that word)
  • Slightly different Angel designs!

So it’s pretty much the same Evangelion we know and love–the show that for better or for worse is the reason for my fandom, and thus the reason why you are reading this blog. 🙂 So thanks, Mr. Anno. Even if you think we’re all children.

(PS: the new Eva had better be good or I may have to torch my shrine and my Eva 02 plasmo!)

1 thought on “The New Evangelion Trailer: Everything’s In Place, Mr Anno

  1. More angst goodness overflows our cups! Great! Hooray for knee hugging self-absorbed male characters!

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