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The Friends of Uploaders Consortium in Kanto has been Established.

Tokyo, Japan, 06.05.2008 – Apparently the news is already one day late, but sources indicate that some Japanese uploaders at large have formed a group to promote legal uses of uploading. The members call themselves 関東のアップローダ共同体の友人 or “the Friends of Uploaders Consortium in Kanto”.

A member known only by the screen name, Asuka Soryu Sugoi told us in an encrypted email that the group formed mainly to promote distributions of raws of Japanese TV shows to further ensure the spreading and appreciation of the vastly unique Japanese culture. “We each bought so very much many copies of the shows we love after we uploaded our raws – yes! we record them off TV first and then upload them, but we love shows so much that each member have 3 copies of the same show on DVD for self use, go outside use, and lend use.”

Dochira Ume Megane Beryl, another member only known by screen name, contacted us by MSN Messanger: “There are many many many good uses for raws, all legal yes! Like use for study material for a research, discussions of fundamentally in depth elements of Japan culture, for learning Japanese classes, and other good things! No prosecution! No prosecution! Prosecution is bad, very bad, very worse!”

The two members above, Dochira Ume Megane Beryl and Asuka Soryu Sugoi, are preparing an online vid cast to all netizens, especially Japanese-Show-Lovers of the world, to discuss the benefits of uploading raws and using them legally. The site appears to be down for the moment (it may be up by the time you’re reading this). When we checked with them, they told us “Too too many hits. Can’t take. Try Fix now.”

They suggested another site for more information.

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