Tamayura: Hoshizora, Melody by Nakajima Megumi

Ahh, Tamayura episode 7’s ending song was so awesome. Nakajima Megumi‘s Hoshizora (星空 starry sky) is very heartwarming. Yes, it got kindness of the Carpenters’ music.

Yes, its piano, and the horn section is so Carpenterish. I just love it. So beautiful. First of all, I didn’t like Carpenters back in middle school. I didn’t like the sugar coating music. Honestly I thought they sucked. Yes, their horn section was really cheesy. But when I learned that a girl I had a crush on was into Carpenters, I was so shocked. So, I thought it over and listened to it, and I was like, “What a wonderful music I’m listening to!” Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of the Carpenters, even today I’m still a fan. As a matter of fact, I sing their songs at karaoke.

Yes, I love the other ending song Melody also. So awesome. Very Beatles. Yes, the piano intro is very McCartenian. And then, the fill put by the electric guitar is very George Harrison! George’s guitar is not that complicated technically, but his guitar is very essential to the Beatles music. Yes, and then, transition drumming to the conclusion of the song, very Ringo, so awesome! And Megumi sings along with guitar solo. Yes, Megumi is singing the guitar phrase! Wow, very George Benson style! And then, her ad-lib is very Jackson 5, yes, the shota Michael Jackson! Almost reminds me of “Never can say Good Bye, girl~!” Ahh, so amazing!

Yes, Megumi, born in Heisei, totally a maiden of the new era, is a half Japanese and Filipino. I wish I was a half. Just like the current President of the United States. A half is a bridge over troubled water. But too bad I’m homogenous. Or monogenous. Monocultural. That’s why I’m sinking in troubled water like homeowners underwater. A cause of monophobia. Ah, multiculture… That’s what I dream. And that’s American dream too! So, Megumi is my sweet dream!

Megumi is polyphony. While I’m monotonous, she is multitonous. She’s my ideal culturally and musically. Polytheism instead of monotheism. Polyrhythm instead of monorhythm.

Ah, divine. Kawaii idol, direct descent of Rin Minmei, and Matsuda Seiko. I always listen to her Naisho No Hanashi ( ナイショのはなし “secret story”) before I go to bed when I’m feeling lonely at night, especially when the weather starts getting chilly. No More Lonely Nights can’t console me before bedtime. So, she’s even surpassed Paul McCartney in that sense! Her pure soul, therapeutic to a wounded heart of a sorrowful hikikomori. I can’t believe an angel like her really exists. I witnessed her at Anime Expo 2010, I never seen anything like it. A true genius… I’m usually atheistic, but encountering this undeniable genius, I have to admit there must be a supernatural power that has granted her that charisma. A gift, truly a gem. Otherwise, human being can’t become superman.

There’s no doubt that beautiful women with voluptuous curves are also products of the super nature. It totally carries me away whether I like it or not. In turn, I know too well that I’m all too human. I wish I was a genius who could perform miracles, but I don’t have ability to move people. I don’t have special talent of Michael Jackson to make a million of girls fall in love with me at once like Moses with a magic wand at the Red Sea. Not even one single girl to sweep off her feet. How can I be Imago Dei? But she, Megumi, has it. Thus, she’s superhuman!

Therefore, tonight, in bed, I listen to her, and cry to my pillow. Unloved otaku can receive Megumi’s grace. Angelic moetic voice of divine voice actress, Seiyuu (声優)! Give grace to this wretched voice-hearer (声聞)! Yes, Tamayura is a divine anime, because of divine music. Because of her divine voice, I can live tomorrow! Wash away sorrows of today to live tomorrow!

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