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Ray’s Top Ten List from the Last Decade

Disclaimer: I never liked making a top 10 list because I watch shows from a varieties of genres and I believe that comparing them on the same level playing field is vastly unjustified. But as a tradition, I made mine. Merits? What merits?

Without any fancy blogwork or word wizardry, here’s my top ten for the last decade.

1. Suzumiya Haruhi – a cult sensation turned into phenomenial success and even with the quenstionable strategy they pulled in s2, there are more lovers than haters.

2. Lucky Star – pure otaku fun without overt self-referentialness (yeah right).

3. Black Lagoon – intense, dramatic and full of action goodness.

4. Rahxephon – a better packaged boy goes through giant robot trauma with its own unique story

5. Gundam Seed – almost UC goodness with all the trimmings and intense emotional struggles but not quite there, and forget Destiny

6. Ghost in the Shell series 1&2 – always a great exploration into human, soul and lack/seemingly too many connections. Also digital animation at its best.

7. Queen’s Blade – re-blurring the line between fan service and B-rated film + Hentai but with awesome soundtrack, real plots and emotional struggle. Kanokon does the former but not even close on the later. QB may just be the show that makes you stay in your seats after jerking off.

8. Mnemosyne – intense and gritty OVA actually with a distinctive early 90’s feel. Always enough blood and woman-on-woman violence with nudity to keep a man fappingly happy.

9. Claymore – Deep and poignant story with strategic elements perhaps unconciously added in by the end. Simply awesome animation and voice acting.

10. Candy Boy – a short and sweet OVA that made me watching with deep admiration and sense of blatant happiness about two sweet twin sisters in love. It even beats Strawberry Panic for getting the right balance for pleasing male Otaku (and even female Otaku!) with enough sensitivity and great chemistry between the voice actresses.

Shows I left out of my top ten:

Azumanga Daioh, Eve no Jikan, Bakemonogatari. Why did I leave them out? Because they didn’t leave a stronger impression in my mind than the ones I selected. I struggled between Lucky Star and Azumanaga Daioh but I ended up choosing the former because the former signified the zeigeist of the Otaku. As for other possibly obvious shows, I never finished or even watched them.

Additonal note: Ah! I identified the problem here – it’s the Hirano Aya bias that I have.

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