Blowin’ in Kamikaze! (Amagami SS)

The answer is blowin’ in the wind. -Bob Dylan

Kamikaze (divine wind). The divine wind that destroyed the Mongolian fleets and protected Japan from the Mongolian invasion back in the 13th century. Just like Boreas sunk the Persian fleets in Herodotos’ Historiai.

During WWII, the Japanese pilots made suicide attacks on the US battleships. Yes, that was called “Kamikaze.” When 9-11 happened, American news reporters called it “Kamikaze, another Pearl Harbor.”

And now the word “Kamikaze” has been reinvented by Otakus. Now it’s a divine wind that blows the skirts of school girls. That is a modern, or post-modern usage. And in Gothic-Lolita world, there is a cult film called Shimotsuma monogatari, and its English title is “Kamikaze Girls.” I don’t know where that English title came from… Anyway, Kamikaze exposes panties, yes, panchira, but if no-pan, the gold star! You know Japan is pretty windy, yes, they have typhoons. A typical kamikaze.

Going back to Japanese mythology, when the Sun Goddess hid behind the huge rock and the world went dark, Uzume the comedian goddess exposed her female parts and eventually the Sun came back to the world. Yes, in today’s sense, a girl flashing pantie by lifting up her own skirt is Kamikaze attack! So, panchira-kamikaze is historically significant!

Kamikaze attack

Ah, Sae-chan, the embodiment of divine moetical cuteness, at the rooftop. And, her skirt, moetical skirt! And her blown skirt will make the darkness bright! Only you, Sae-chan! Yes, the real purpose of panchira is to make the sun shine! She must be the direct descent of Uzume!

Ahh, Okujo no koi (rooftop romance), which I never experienced. The school board was f@ckheaded enough to ban it, and plus, no girl wanted to spend a lunch break with me. I knew the view from the rooftop was spectacular. If I had a girl having lunch together, my high school life would have been full of ecstasy, and I would never have dreamed of coming to the United States! You know, if you can flirt with a girl on the rooftop with a spectacular view of the city of Southern Cross (I mean Kibito, “east of the shining sun”), you feel like you rule the world. You rule 3-D (reality). You own it! Just like Shin dreamed with Yuria at his side!

Whenever I watch anime, especially showing a rooftop romance, I feel sad, totally saudade. Reminds me the pain. Thinking back, I had to escape from the whole nation that reproached me, so I had to come to the states. If only, IF ONLY there was a girl who agreed to spend a beautiful pastime of lunch break, and on the rooftop… This person, the Otaku, would never have been here.

It’s probably similar to how Obama felt when he lost congressional race in 2000, “no matter how convincingly you attribute the loss to bad timing or bad luck or lack of money, it’s impossible not to feel at some level as if you have personally been repudiated by the entire community, that you don’t quite have what it takes, and that everywhere you go, the word “loser” is flashing through people’s minds. They’re the sorts of feelings that most people haven’t experienced since high school when the girl you’d been pining over dismissed you with a joke in front of her friends…the kinds of feelings that most adults wisely organize their lives to avoid (Audacity Of Hope p107).” You see, girl’s rejection in high school years is as traumatic as losing election!

The etymology of the word “school” is schole, a Greek word. It meant “pastime, leisure.” So school should be the fun place where you get to enjoy youth, especially when you’re 17! Of course, school is a place to study, but prior to that, it’s the place to have fun! That’s the true form of school!

Government, corporations, religious institutions, education board, boneheaded PTA, all of them were responsible for my devastating school life. They ruled the reality I grew up in. So I crossed the Pacific! More courageous act than crossing Rio Grande! But found out America is still 3-D despite the historical election of the first black president. So I take refuge in 2-D, especially moetical anime! Moe is the real Audacity Of Hope!

I’m a moetical refugee, uu, baby set me free. Uuuu, I need a 2-D woman. Uuu, I need a 2-D girl.~♪

Ah, Nakata Sae, especially Sae-chan’s kamikaze!


How many girls must an Otaku get turned down

Before you call him an Otaku

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in Kamikaze!!!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

6 thoughts on “Blowin’ in Kamikaze! (Amagami SS)

  1. Seriously, your articles are one of the best things to read! How you put down your anger, your past and your suffering into words is just brilliant. You are doing a great job at Animediet. Keep it up!
    So are you happy that your life took a different direction from the 3D-loving guys and made you fall in 2D? Do you regret that your (unlucky) life made you seek safe haven in the 2D world? Do you consider the 2D world your utopia or even quasi-utopia?

    If given the choice to change your life and choose between 2D and 3D, which world would you make your utopia and which one your dystopia? What would you choose if given the choice between 2D and 3D? (Considering that you will surely find salvation in the 3D world)

    Lastly, I hope you keep on writing articles here on animediet.

    1. Dear UltimateShock,

      Thank you very much for the compliment. And I truly appreciate the encouragement.

      Well, Otaku fundamentalists in Akiba will answer, “definitely 2-D!” They have acquired the technique called “Go-shin” which means “self-defense,” not being agitated by any 3-D girl’s sexual attractiveness. They are the true gurus.

      But for me, I still get bewildered by just a girl’s little friendly smile. And just a little body touch like touching my forearm with giggling, oh my gosh! Since I’m going thru skinshipless hell of 3-D. And if she recognizes me and greets me with a cute little welcoming smile, I would fall in love in a nano-second. You know, if she calls or texts me like “I feel lonely now…” I would drive down to her house and be at her side even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. I’m always ready to fall in love. But they’re unreachable, unattainable, even making a close female friend is the hardest thing to do, so the only hope remains for me is 2-D girls. So I’m always depressed, life is unhappy, thus saudade.

  2. I don’t know how I feel about your calling moe the “real audacity of hope;” it seems like you describe it as an abandonment of hope. You’ve given up hope that you’ll ever have a fulfilling (3D) life, so you’ve decided to chuck it all and hide out in 2D where the risk of getting hurt is minimized. What, exactly, are you hoping to get out of your 2D existence?

    1. @Multiball

      Thank you for the comment. Even in a dire situation like Nagasaki, a woman can still have hope. Audacity to hope is about Hannah’s hope in the middle of nuclear destruction like When The Wind Blows. So, even in a devastating 3-D, I as one Otaku can still have audacity to hope, and that is moe, conceptualized in a form of Nakata Sae.

  3. Thank you for replying Monsieur Lamoe.
    Okay, so a while ago I read this article about “Nanpa” which is labeled as “a type of flirting and seduction” at wikipedia, the article I found is here:
    (NSFW website)

    By reading your previous articles I got to know that Japanese girls tend to stay away from the shy and weak species of the human race. But at this website “Nanpa’s” meaning is (picking up girls for casual sex), So by reading the interview it feels as if hitting on a girl and being successful is easy in Japan. These Nanpa masters have a success rate of 60%. Is it really true that these so-called Nanpa masters can easily go out with an anonymous girl? It’s not necessary that all these nanpa masters are the of the macho category. Can these girls easily give up their bodies?

    I know that you are not in Japan but I was just shocked after reading that article. I never knew that there was something like “Nanpa” in existence anywhere on the face of this planet.

    1. @UltimateShock

      First of all, I don’t think I am a weak species. Macho men should have gone a long time ago since the time humans lived in the wild was long over. Yet, 3 million years of human history, but only approx. 20000 years of human civilization. So, we need another 2 million years to see women evolve and macho men disappear from earth. Yes, there are some Samantah Jones, but a tiny few. And at the same time, there are only 150,000 househusbands in America. It doesn’t even have a sizable minority to form a lobbyist group to influence Washington. It’s not even a useful voting bloc for politicians. So, machismo will continue to stifle this nation.

      Thank you for the link. Well to answer your question, actually Nanpa exists in America too. But here we drive, so street pickup like “Nanpa” is happening probably only in places like New York, where people walk. Like Borat from Kazakhstan asking girls, “How much?” The craziest pickup line I’ve ever heard. That’s what New York is. And of course France, Italy, etc.

      I really don’t think success rate is 60%, that’s way too overblown. It’s just a bluff, and this article is no need to be taken so seriously. Well, whether girls want to go out with strangers or not, doesn’t matter. But what matters is that they don’t go out with an otaku like me. That is the real problem we’re facing.

      Enjo-kousai (Enkou) means “dating support” but it is actually prostitution by high school girls in Tokyo. Oyaji (middle aged salarymen) hit on girls wearing high school uniforms, and then if they agree, they will go to love hotel. It’s a huge problem. These Oyajis are far worse than Borat. Enkou is worse than Nanpa.

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