In the beginning was Pantsu!

pantsu2Oh yes, arche, (or origin, the primordial element), or the beginning, Thales said it was “water.” Herakleitos said “fire.” Plato said “idea.” John said “logos (the Word).” But Aito says, “In the beginning was Pantsu!” Yes, arche is pantsu! And he goes on to sing the hymn for pantsu! This is the new Evangelion (Good News). Pantsu is the universal principle!

pantsu1Mangaka-san to Asssistant-san to. Episode 12 as final episode, it just ended… Ahh, so sad, because this was the funniest show of this season. It really fit my taste. Totally the spot of my laughter. Yes, my type of comedy. And all the girls around him are kawaii. He got three assistants, editor, and editor in chief. And Ashisu’s imouto. Total 6 girls!


I just can’t believe this show, ohhh, they all force you down, and they take off your pants. “You need to show your pantsu!” Ah, I also want to get this type of harassment. Yes, as otaku are do-M (extreme masochists), how heavenly to receive harassment from pretty girls… I so envy Aito. This type of interaction is also an erotic fantasy that we all have, receiving erotic embarrassment, coz I can see they love him, or they like him, they don’t hate him, it’s a sign of endearment that they harass him. If girls are really annoyed and hating him, they will just find him creepy and don’t get involved with him at all. They try to avoid him as much as possible, no contact whatsoever. But look at these girls, they all like him. Ahh, how can that be…

Oh yes, I wish I was good at drawing manga like Aito, but I can only draw stick figure…or Jackson Pollock style, yeah, girls love guys with skills like Napoleon Dynamite said, and Aito is a professional manga artist, so of course, they love him, though he’s a deadly pervert who just draws girls with panties all the time. Yeah, it’s not quite a harem, because only one or two girls have a feeling towards him, other girls are just teasing him, or bullying him like Ashisu-san, the personal assistant to Aito. Ahh, yeah, it’s a type of flirtation that girls throw at you when they like you such as teasing and a little bullying. Yes, they are all Aito’s female friends indeed. But in reality, just having one female friend is already precious because we otaku need to work really hard to befriend with them. Almost friendship with girls is a miracle for us. I’m ashamed of myself that most of my contacts in my iPhone are dudes, which I want to reverse since I find that utterly troubling. Otaku by default are thought to be creepy by general women, so it’s tough. Can’t talk about anime. But we can’t deny our identity, so anyway we talk about it, which creeps them out. Even though we don’t talk, but still…are we sending them a creepy vibe anyhow? I wish I could be Aito, spending all day surrounded by kawaii girls…

That’s why we love to have imouto (little sister), because she is an intimate female to you by default, no need to work hard to get. Just to make an intimate female friend is much harder than passing job interviews during Great Depression after the Lehman shock. So, a girlfriend is beyond our imagination. We are craving for girl’s company, oh yes, the girl who can have skinship with.

But the only skinship I get is at Starbucks. A cute girl at Starbucks smiles at me, and when she gives me a change, I accidentally touch her finger, then I get extremely happy by that, “Ohhh, I just had skinship with her!” And that makes my day. If it’s a dude or obasan (post-nubile women), I pay with credit card, I don’t use cash. I try to pay with cash as much as possible when the cashier is a kawaii girl. But if my wallet is empty, I curse, “Fuck! I should’ve gone to ATM first!”

So, as proxy, we get indirect skinship, especially “indirect kiss” that we are obsessed with. Sharing a drink with a girl, for Americans that’s natural, but for Japanese, that’s a big deal, because it is “indirect kiss.” Yeah, contagious magic! And that also leads to pantsu-fetish, because Japanese society is non-skinship community, so lack of chance to get skinship with girls, no touchy hugging. That is why pantsu becomes so valuable. If you can touch a girl directly, why need her pantsu to feel her warmth? Yes, pantsu or jersey, object for indirect skinship. Yes, like holy shroud. And eventually pantsu itself becomes the object. Like the word with God first, but the word is God at last. Like Jesus as God’s agent first, but Jesus himself is God at last. So, pantsu fever is very unique to Japanese. Even Saten-san has contracted this fever. And then, that fever becomes a cult, as a result, Aito claims pantsu as the true nature, as if Buddha nature, or the arche.  And he sings the hymn for pantsu. “Endless Panties” or literally “Eternal Pantsu.”


“I just want to smell them, and that’s all.” LOL. This should win Grammy Awards.


Oh no, Ashisu-san goes totally S mode. She loves to bully Aito.


These evil eyes, ahhh, irresistible. With full of contempt. These eyes give me a thrill…

SMplay“Yes, I do imagine that, fantasizing about your pantsu every time I see you, I’m sorry…!” forced to confess our sin. That SM play. This can be well developed into a fan fiction, like 50 shades of grey, but 50 stripes of shima-pan!!!


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe