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Hirano Aya Not Performing Hahiru Sequel

Hirano Aya

TOKYO – Today, Hirano Aya announced to the cyber public that she will not be performing voice acting for the upcoming Suzumiya Hahiru sequel at a press conference at Ishita Electronics in Akiba. The announcement was made after her private performance in a closed room for the 偽prime minister of Japan, Taro Aso.

In a Suigintou cosplay, Hirano Aya declared in a loud and threatening voice: “Stop stalking me, you cyber freaks! And NO! I’m NOT going to perform any work for the sequel of Suzumiya Hahiru any time soon and that, you disgusting mania freaks, means NEVER!!!”

Black feathers began flying around the conference room as reporters frantically dodged the sharp tips of these feathers.

A certain reporter shouted: “That’s not you! You’re the wrong person!” before his throat was pierced by a feather.

Details of the aftermath are still forthcoming.

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