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Goodbye, 2009 and the 00’s.

I’ve already passed to the other side, but for some our western audience that haven’t, here’s to a better next year and let’s forget about the 00’s – at least for me, it was a shitty decade with too much turmoil.

But Anine Diet also started in this decade! As well as many good things, so here’s to a better 2010 and a even better decade for Anime Diet!

With that, I bid you good night. Have a nice rest of 2009 and if you have already passed to the other side, have a great first day in 2010! I will (or die trying)!

Below are some good reading looking back at the 00’s:

NyanNyan’s Year 2009 Review, Kurogane’s Year 2009 review pt.1, pt.2, AC’s Top 20 Anime of the Decade.

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