Cosplayers and Otaku will unite the planet together!

From ANN

Japanese Gov’t Hosts World Cosplay Summit Finalists

…that will be held in Nagoya, Japan on August 3–4. Senior Vice Foreign Minister Itsunori Onodera was the host, and the winning teams from the United States, France, and Brazil were invited to take part in their costumes. According to Onodera, the foreign ministry and the Japanese government as a whole view animation as an “important diplomatic tool” that can be used to promote Japan to the world. He also commented:… The winners of the country competitions, in order from earliest to most recent, were:…

Ray’s take: Only if people stopped fighting and started watching animation and become Otaku! Why can’t people in the world just get along like cosplayers?

As sang in Nogisaka’s ED: “…Yes love and peace, yes love and peace! Dai dai daisuke!”

You know, I realized that NO ONE every cosplayed as Ikari Shinji. Mike, wanna give it a shot? XD

Author: Ray

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