Boy, they sure don’t make Gundam series like they used to…

Oh my dear anime gods. XD I’m in absolute despair over Gundam 00! It’ll probably be just like Gundam Seed Destiny where…

It’s cheesy and everyone’s happy with all the main characters alive and well. Nobody really dies except the bad guys who will always certainly do and some of the side characters do die heroically, but everything ends with a bang and a parade, or everyone just shake hands and all feels fine, fine, and fine.

No, I’m not talking about Independence Day the movie, I’m talking about the Gundam series in recent years. I’m not talking about anything made to continue or expand stories in UC, because these are at least made in the vein of the classic Gundam, with rather realistic portrayals of war – death and traumatization of characters. Even our favorite characters die or become disabled or traumatized and scarred in wars.

I’m talking about real consequences where people get hurt, die, and they don’t come back by any means, even under the disguise of a “genetically engineered clone”.

Real consequences and real broken people who are hurt and affected by wars and how people deal with it all is what made the original Gundam and Zeta great. Later, Gundam 0080 (made in the late 80s early 90s) and the 8th mobile suit team continued in this great tradition of observing and examining the real affects on war.

People don’t just shake hands, and say, oh hi, I’m Kira, and oh hi, I’m Shinn. Oh by the way, sorry for trying to kill your ass all these times and almost did that time. Oh, that’s quite all right, I’ll easily forgive you, since it’s the end of the series. Let’s have peace and understanding, and later let’s fuck each other in the asses (Editor’s note: I just like saying asses cause its more fun) so yaoi girls can squeal and cry in pure ecstasy.

Yes, it felt abrupt when it seemed like Gundam Seed Destiny was going to end on episode 49, but at least it doesn’t make everything come out OK. But then again,

Everyone that’s favored by squealing fujoushi and fan girls lives. How disgusting. Not that it’s not utterly completely absolutely ultimately eternally impossible that everyone on the main character’s team, especially the guys, can come out of an apocalyptic war alive and well and don’t suffer even the tiniest bit of scratches, but I just thought that it’s so funny that a huge machine blows up in a character’s face results in almost no damage at all. I thought that died out in the 90’s with Gundam Wing.

Yeah, just try telling me that coordinators have such great genes that they have indestructible bodies. It’s not that I want everyone on Kira’s team dies, it’s more like they all escape completely unharmed or I think everyone did. In fact, all the characters lusted after by squealing yaoi fangirls and screaming Lunamaria fanboys were very much fine at the end.

Fuck that. Even knowing anime is entertainment this is pretty ridiculous. The show switches it focus from talking about Shinn all the way to Kira and Athrun just because Shinn isn’t a popular character.Yeah, I hate him, but his cynicism and destructiveness is at least unique. He’s not likable, but Shinji wasn’t likable, either. You may hate Shinji and Eva but thanks to these, there are way more intelligent shows out there. Before these there were almost none.

But hey, Bandai says Kira and Athrun sells so go tell more stories on them (I really don’t care about the reason, but the switch is just so obviously lame).

We’ll know corporate sponsorship controls most shows these days, but in Japan, arts get killed because of these sort of things. Oh well, it’s just a rant, so,

Thanks a lot, Bandai. I loved your plamo and you make awesome PGs (I had 7) but thanks a lot, corporate people, and this one’s for your policy of the Haruhi signing at AX as well. XD

Thanks a lot, Gundam Seed creators. I loved and adored Lunamaria but she should’ve died, and Athrun, too. If only these two die that would be fine. I’m not Kill-them-all-Tomino, but these two really aren’t necessary except for fan service, oh and, why didn’t you make Lunamaria a flasher? I mean, gosh, I’m surprised she’s even a serious character! I pictured her saying: “Look at me, PLANTO!” And show her ass to all the colonies! XD

Finally, thanks a lot to whoever helped to screw up the good drama that Gundam Seed had, so the whole thing had to end in Gundam Seed Destiny in a cheesy way. I want Mistuishi Kotono to be the Captain Bright of Gundam Seed Universe for a few more series so we can hear her awesome voice acting and don’t have to continue to mourn the loss of Captain Bright without a replacement. But you guys screwed up that universe and it cannot continue. So my blessings on you is fuck you, may your asses be pummeled by anime gods with Gigaslaves in your darkest and deepest nightmares with unspeakable horrors every night in your dreams! Oh hohohohohohoho!!! XD

Seriously, just like Konata’s dad, I’m probably going to watch Gundam 00, but I’ve already got a bad feeling about it, just by looking at the names of the main characters…

May the Oily Spirit haptise you with plesssings while you watch Gundam 00…

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