Some new ideas being pitched for new anime…

From The Diet 3 Daily

Oct 30, 20007. New York City, New York, USA and Tokyo, Japan. Based on the popularity of shows such as Afro Samurai, Witch Blade, Bubble Gum Crisis 2040 and others made by combined efforts of Japanese and American ideas and staff, some ideas for possible new anime were pitched to executives from Studio I.G., Madhouse, and Sunrise and famous American movie directors including Quentin Tarantino and the Wachosky Brothers.

The ideas include: casting the voices of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in a Yakuza anime set in the not too distant future, where the Yakuza and the Italian mafia decide to combine forces out of respect for each other and facing threats from the military-based Russia mafia and government-sponsored Triads. Rumor has it that De Niro’s character will be a half Japanese and half Italian samurai that wields a pipe, a Tommy Gun, and a chef’s knife and drives around in a futuristic style 1930 Model A Ford. His partner, voiced by Joe Pesci, will wield a katana and a bat. One of the already proposed scenes involves some random street punk characters laughing at the ages of the two protagonists and the two beat the living hell out of them using the pipe and the bat. After their severe beating of the punks, they then will slam the door of their car against one of the punk’s shoulder repeatedly, and finally, De Niro will toss him in the trunk of the car and stab the character repeatedly with his knife. The exact genre of show is rumored to be a slice of futuristic mafia life comedy.

Another idea involves casting the voice of Clint Eastwood in a children’s show where he will play a gruff but kind-hearted captain of a space battleship battling against Cyber Alien invaders. He will teach mock-lessons about why is it bad to spit things, especially tobacco, and how to properly rough up a cyber alien lieutenant. One proposed scene involves Eastwood’s character grabbing the collar of an Alien commander while pointing a beam gun against the commander’s jaw while saying something similar to this line: “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya cyber punk?”

A possible third idea involves Samuel L. Jackson and a mythical Japanese Snake demon name Orochi. Samuel L. Jackson will be casted as an extremely foul-mouthed Bible quoting member of a special team from the GigaTokyo’s sanitary department. But in fact he’s from Section 99 of the Special National Security Force dealing with supernatural crimes. A production leak indicates that one scene has in fact already been made. In it Samuel L. Jackson’s character accidentally blow the head of a Chinpokemon off, and as he swears a ton, Orochi, the large snake demon, devours the snitch character, to which he exclaims: “Did you see that? g$%d$#n big m%th#$ f&*king snake just ate that m%th#$ f&*ker!”

The genre is rumored to be retro and funky supernatural/mystical.

Many other ideas were presented at the meeting but nothing else has been leaked other than the ideas mentioned above.

We at the Diet 3 fear for the future of anime.

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