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Milking it for all its worth – School Days New Year’s Eve Special

From the Diet 3 Daily

School Days and murder on a cruise ship.

Tokyo, Japan, December 25th. The unexpected success of the finale of “School Days” anime spread like wild fire and a certain doujin group has been asked by studio TNK to produce a 3 episode OAV where in an alternate original ending, and as a joke, the main characters found themselves in a murder mystery on a cruise ship sailing from Tokyo to Okinawa. Just as in the series, the characters will be transported onto the ship without any explanations at all. The 3 part OAV will be played on AT-X starting January 1st.

The opinions for this rumor on the 2 chan varies from “Excellent! What a great way to start the year!” to “They can’t milk this idea better than Gainax can with Eva. Worthless.” to “I predict Seikai stabs Kotonaha with a kitchen knife in the back in the green room.”

Our sources indicate that an unexpected twist will be added for pure shock factor. Keitaro Motonaga, the director of “School Days”, could not be reached for comments. A spokeswoman for TNk studio only mentioned that people should work their problems out peacefully. “But please get the DVD as gifts for your loved ones,” she added. “This highly moral story is awfully appropriate to show on New Year’s Day. Also, the axe-shaped bookmark makes great gifts for the new year.”

Details are still to come.

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