We’re giving away a prize to our 500th commenter!

Wow, it looks like we finally have our 500th commenter! Amaya-san, the 3rd commenter on the Haruhi ED ringtone post, is our 500th commenter! We’re going to offer you a prize! Please select one prize from one of these fine selections, your can select one from:

1. Ray’s Prize – We’ll email 20 exclusive pics of Aya-chan to you if you email us. We promise you no viruses, adwares, worms, or Nigerian scams! Or you can attack us with your attacking firewall (from Ghost in the Shell TV) and wipe my memories!

2. Mike’s Prize – The director’s cut version – full resolution, DVD version, uninterrupted and uncensored of all the Anime Diet AX diaries. This one we’ll send you through the postal service (not going postal, sending through postal).

Select only one please! So, the real Amaya (you know who you are), if you’re reading this post, please contact us by email at animediet (at) animeblogger.net!

3 thoughts on “We’re giving away a prize to our 500th commenter!

  1. Hey! I just got the Package, I haven’t opened it yet but I’m very excited and can’t wait to watch it! I’ll comment again once I have or just say what I think in some other random comment (which is most likely to be on a Claymore review XD)
    Hugs and Kisses to both of you and thanks again!

  2. Amaya, I’m glad to hear you received it. Let us know what you think of the videos! (They’re slightly tweaked/fixed versions of what you can see in the Youtube channel of this site, in full resolution quality.) Thanks for being a commenter!

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