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We’re Back (Again)

Well, it looks like went down again for a good number of hours today, and we just literally came back on smoothly a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, I’m going to be busy for a good while tonight and I won’t have time to post anything substantial–including the rewritten follow up to the “what keeps you going?” post that I had written, posted, and inexplicably lost last night. (See Ray’s prior announcement in the post just before this one.)

In times like this, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei says it best.

Edit (5:52 PM): it just happened again! This post got knocked out of the database and the front page, and got sent to draft mode, for some odd reason. Fortunately, unlike the other followup post, I didn’t delete it this time, and so here it is once more. The exact same scenario happened to last night’s followup post–except I deleted the draft thinking it was a duplicate. And I lost it forever.

My guess is that this is probably related to Dreamhost’s recent server moves and database caches burping up slightly older versions of the site. (I’m a former sysadmin, so while I haven’t done it in a few years, my knowledge is slightly higher than 0% :)) Still, I’m seriously going to be looking into alternate hosting alongside the site redesign which is coming by the end of the month…stay tuned everyone.

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